Business Owners Start Your Checklist For Holiday Success Now!

It may seem like the holidays are still a long ways off, since it’s not on most cutomer’s radar just yet. But, smart retailers are already preparing for the holiday shopping season.

Here are couple of things retailers should be adding to their current to do list to see profits later.

1.) Develop responsive, flexible online stores that function seamlessly across all devices. While it may require an investment, developing a responsive site is more affordable than you may think. It was recently estimated more than 10% of all Internet traffic is now coming from mobile devices and mobile traffic will be as high as 36% by 2016. Also start thinking about what keywords that you can use to help consumers find your products.

2.) Get Social! Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest have proven effective channels to engage with social shoppers. You’ll be able to highlight new products and inform loyal fans and followers about promotions and sales. Also Facebook is currently testing a buy button on brand page posts. Start a calendar for posts, tweets, new pins and photos for your social marketing and also stay apprised of new paid social tools heading into the holidays. Consider adding a live chat function to your website. Even if you can only provide that chat service for a few hours a day, it is still better than forcing customers to always use email and wait for a response.

3.) Start stocking up on supplies. Think about what your business will need now and not later. Order extra register tape, bags, boxes and other point of sale items.

4.) Want to win this holiday season in sales? Make sure you have a good return/exchange policy for the holiday shopper. This can make or break your sales. And provide customers with gift receipts.

If you have a checklist feel free to comment here and share it with others.