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IRI Business Tip – New Product Pacesetters: ‘Healthier-for-you’ inspires bountiful year-one sales

IRI Business Tip – New Product Pacesetters: 'Healthier-for-you' inspires bountiful year-one sales.

Protect Yourself, Protect Your Data

Protect your data- recent credit card breachs highlight the need to safeguard your personal information.

As the data hacking of major retailers’s customer information starts to fade away into the background of everyday life, you maybe tempted to let your guard down. But, don’t! Don’t let your passwords get dusty and or get complacent about your credit card swipes. Nearly 5% of US Consumers suffered credit card fraud in 2013, according to Javelin Strategies and Research and 1 in 3 victims became a victom of identy theft. 

Adopt new habits right now that will help protect you and your data.

  • Monitor your financial life- Be diligent about keeping an eye on your bank and credit card account’s activities. Bank accounts should be checked daily and you should cehck your credit cards before the end of the billing cycle. You can also get two free credit reports a year, get one now and the other 6 months from now. 
  • Layer Up- You can subscribe to an identity theft protection service to help you proactively monitor activites on your accounts. You can also pay a min. fee to freeze or unfreeze your credit through the credit-reporting bureaus in most states even if you haven’t been an ID theft victim.
  • Go Paperless- Snail mail is a big favorite for identity thieves. Your mailbox is very volunerable and so is your trash, so make sure to shred everything. Pay bills online as this will make you less volnerable than putting a check in your mailbox.
  • Protect your technology-Keep the latest antivirus software on all of your devices. Also, don’t use free wi-fi or hotspots do do anything personal online. Save these things for when you have a secure-encrypted connection.
  • Fix Poor Passwords- Don’t make your passwords for email, bank and credit card accounts and your social media sites too short or use letters only. Weak passwords ar a criminal’s best friend. The best passwords are at least eight characters in length and use a combination of numbers, keyboard characters and upper- and lower-case letters. Also, even though it’s a pain change them as often as you can!



Emerging Trends In Food Retailing


SN identifies six emerging trends with the potential to grow sales at retail
Mar 24, 2014 Mark Hamstra

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Good news for all iPhone users

Good news for all iPhone users.

New Bathroom Must Have!

In retal news- Bathstore, a UK retailer, introduces the world’s first vertical bath!

“We all like a good soak, but with modern living spaces getting smaller and smaller we wanted to find a way to still ensure you could fit a bath in even the tiniest bathroom,” said chief Bathstore developer Dr Nisan Aptal. ”Once we had the basic design down we tested a series of prototypes and eventually struck on the idea of including air-holes at head-height. We still don’t recommend adding bubbles; it can get very foamy in there.”

Going on sale end of April in the UK, this item won’t be avaiable to the US until the holidays.



This is one of our favorite retail #AprilFools from last year! What’s yours?

Congratulations- You Got A Phone Interview!

Congrats your resume past the intial screening and you are now getting closer to the job of your dreams! However, you still have to advance to the next stage. And the phone screening stage of the interview process is very important!

Here are some tips to make a good impression, so you can be invited on to the next step.

1.) Take a deep breath and put a smile in your voice before you answer the phone! Recruiters talk to many bland, listless candidates all day, so listening to a genuinely cheerful person stands out. Remember a high percentage of communication is nonverbal (e.g., facial expressions, gestures and eye contact), which can’t be conveyed through the phone. This means the words you use and how you deliver them are more important than usual. Choose your words wisely.

2.) Don’t multi-task during the interview. You must be fully engaged in the conversation and if that means you need to pull over and park the car do so. Luckily, most companies will give you a heads up on when they will be calling or let you pick from an available time so you can set the schedule.

3.) Just like a face to face interview you need to do your homework on the company and the position your applying for. Read up on the company’s mission, culture, goals, products, services and exec bios. Based on this knowledge, determine how and why you belong there. Write down five points you want to make about your experience; this will help you to collect your thoughts about your past work and highlight what’s most important for them to know.

4.) Prepare some questions, because most recruiters allow time at the end for questions. Show the recruiter you’re not just in it for the paycheck; you want to find a place that’s a good fit for you.

Before you hang up the phone express your appreciation for the recruiters time and reiterate your interest in moving forward. Also ask what the expectations are for the next step in the process and how you can follow up.

If you really want this job, don’t just sit back wait for them to make the next move. You have to go after it! PhoneInterviewTime

How to Dazzel Recruiters With Your Social Media Profiles

How to Dazzel Recruiters With Your Social Media Profiles

Click on the title to see this Infograph written by a Guest Blogger for UnderCover Recruiter. The infographic offers insights from Jobvite that will give you everything you need to know about creating a positive impression on Social Media to help get you hired!


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