We Are For Hiring Merchandiser’s In California!

Get a part -time job now! We are looking for Merchandiser’s in the California area. Just bring two forms of id, and come join us for these next two hiring events. Jobs will start on 10/6/14! Pay is based on experience.

Thursday, Sept. 25th at 9am noon and 3pm at Peninsula Works, 271 92nd Street, Daly City, California 94015
Friday, Sept. 26th at 9am, noon and 3pm at Career Link Center, 3125 Mission Street, San Fransico, CA 94110

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The Holidays Are Just Around The Corner!

The first day of Fall is now less than a week away. Which means that Halloween Thanksgiving, Christmas and Hannauka are now just around the corner! How did 2014 fly by us so fast?

Did you know that this will be a really short holiday season? Their will only be 26 days between Black Friday and Christmas.

For retailer’s and small businesses this means it’s time to start stocking up for the major holiday shopping season. You should already have your holiday staff in place so they can be fully trained. Consumers will be doing more shopping online (this trend has grown every year), so make sure you have optimized the customer experience across all devices. Spotlight your logistics, too many major retailers last year struggled with making deliveries on time. Show your customer’s why this won’t happen if they order from you. Start thinking about your marketing strategies and promotions. Partner up with local charities and maybe even offer loyalty members the opportunity to shop early, so they can beat the crowds and offer them a special discount as an incentive to do so.

For consumers it’s time to start thinking about the latest gifts and toy trends, so you can purchase the hottest items before they are all sold out. Check with your local storage facility for specially priced Christmas closets, so you can stash your treasures ahead of time. And you can already start utilizing layaway at the big box stores like Kmart & Walmart. Shop online with your mobile device or computer and have it sent to the store for free to avoid prying eyes, even clothing retailers like Macy’s is getting in on this new trend.

Some top picks to think about for the holiday season:
The Apple Iphone6 and 6 Plus
Anything from big block buster movies like Disney’s Frozen
Classic toys are always in style
Gaming consoles and video games
Tech learning tools and we are not talking Teddy Rubxin here

Any minute now you’ll be hearing ‘Jingle Bells’, so bring on the trick or treater’s, the Thanksgiving meals and the Christmas and Hannauka gifts…we are ready!


Apple Unveils the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and the Apple Watch!


Apple CEO Tim Cook just officially revealed new iPhone 6 Plus and Apple Watch! Pre-order Sept.12th!

Originally posted on Elie M. Chahine:

Well folks, the time for wild-eyed rumors and clandestine reports is finally over – Apple CEO Tim Cook just officially revealed the hefty new iPhone 6 Plus and its 5.5-inch screen in Cupertino alongside a long-rumored (and handier) 4.7-inch model. This thing won’t seem all that foreign if you frequent the geekier corners of the web, but it’s a sure sign that Apple wants to give all those other pocket-stretching phablets out there a run for their metaphorical money. The company’s live press event still chugging along (with a sketchy stream, no less), but here’s what we know so far.

There’s no two ways about it: the star of the show here is the spacious 5.5-inch 1080p Retina Display HD riding up front – to hear Apple’s Phil Schiller tell it, it’s SRGB-accurate, has an ultrathin backlight, photo-aligned IPS liquid crystals, an improved polarizer, and ion-strengthened glass. More importantly (and…

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Labor Day Sales Are Here!

As far as shopping holidays go, Labor Day weekend often gets lost in the mix between Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and even Memorial Day. But Labor Day, it turns out, could be one of the most underrated shopping holidays of the year.

Why, because the weekend doesn’t usually revolve around shopping, but those who do decide to spend their time off at the mall or visiting online retailers will find discounts waiting for them, at least on certain items.

Indeed, Summer clothes and shoes are among the top categories to consider if you plan to get your wallet out this weekend at the stores. Other top deals include: back to school supplies, outdoor furniture (if it’s still available) mattress & box springs, discontinued television, bath towels and left over beach items.

If you’d rather avoid the malls and shops, you can still take advantage of Labor Day deals online. To get the best possible savings, take the time to look for special coupon code offers and seek out online merchants offering free shipping.